Assistance service

Graflex S.r.l. provides maintenance services in technical fire doors and shutters, for industrial and civil installations.
Its aim is to see to providing routine and extraordinary maintenance services, supplying spare parts, and offering assistance and consultancy for all those that use technical doors and shutters.
Particular care is taken over obligatory programmed maintenance for fire doors, fulfilling all the obligations imposed by current legislation.
Customised maintenance packages, with free technical and commercial consultancy.

Some of the products we maintain:

  • Industrial doors
  • Electro-hydraulic loading platforms
  • Stackable doors
  • Quick roll-up doors
  • Automatic doors
  • Flexible PVC doors
  • Automatic booms
  • Automated and manual shutters
  • Fire doors
  • Emergency exits
  • Automated gates and entrances

Graflex S.r.l. provides a programmed maintenance service for all doors and shutters, designed around the needs of the end user. Businesses, condominiums, and individual properties are managed in a way that provides our client with a maintenance package that suits their needs and complies with the standards.

Graflex S.r.l. sees to programmed maintenance itself, using maintenance registers that include notes on all works done and the affixing of a specific numbered tag that shows that maintenance has been done, and the due date for the next inspection.

Fire doors and escape routes are subject to legal obligations… maintenance!