Stackable doors

Suitable for all applications and especially recommended for large size rooms.
The particular structure of the cladding, reinforced by horizontal bars, allows it to be used in windy areas as well.

Technical characteristics:

  • Structure in galvanised or stainless steel, with wear proof gaskets.
  • Rolling shaft on self-aligning bearings, built into the upper beam.
  • Fabric is polyester / PVC fabric that is class 2 flameproof, with transparent windows.
  • Self-braking gear motor (0,33 to 1,52 kW, with 400 W three-phase power supply).
  • Opening / closing speed approx 1 m/sec.
  • Control panel with programmable electronic logic.
  • Flashing safety photocells.

Product CE certified according to the UNI EN 13241-1 product standard.