Metalwork to size

Metalwork: cutting, bending, shaping and welding. Plating and sections in galvanised and stainless steel.
Graflex S.r.l. is a Company that specialises in metalwork, and has a division that sees to all aspects of the product’s life cycle: – from design to development – from planning to production to order – from erection to delivery and testing. All of this is done to ensure maximum quality for the end clients of our products.
Our equipment allows us to offer any type of metalwork: gates for homes and businesses, balustrades for stairs, grids and fencing, fire escape stairs, etc.
We make and install manual or automated doors and gates; in steel, also to drawings by professionals.
We make stairs, mezzanine floors, and any other steel structure to instructions or drawings, guaranteeing good workmanship, with as little disturbance as possible for the client and respect for the environment in which we install our works.
The instruments we can rely on mean that we are able to fulfil your requirements precisely.
All our products are treated using the finest protective techniques, such as hot-dip galvanising, which makes the product highly resistant to attack by outside agents, thereby reducing maintenance costs over time and guaranteeing a long lifespan.