Realisation of Plexiglass protective screen and Anti-Droplet to protect your staff

Coronavirus emergency is affecting everyone’s life.
Everybody is organising his life in the best way to comply with the measures recommended by the Ministry of Health.
As we know, supermarkets are open and continue their usual business o allow us doing shopping during Covid-19 pandemic.

To strengthen the health and hygiene measures, some supermarkets have already installed Plexiglass barriers to protect their checkout staff, who are the workers in closest contact with customers.

Among its services, Graflex offers the construction of Plexiglass barriers

These barriers are installed at the checkouts and ensure a truly maximum protection by creating a kind of “wall”.

Examples before and after the construction of Plexiglass protection barriers

Current State
Plexiglass protective screen
Plexiglass barriers Supermarkets

Current State
Construction of Plexiglass barriers
Construction of Plexiglass protection barriers for Supermarkets

New Anti-Droplet barriers

Our Anti-Droplet barriers represent a simple, but effective and ideal protection system for shops and offices open to the public..

Plexiglass protective screen and Anti-Droplet: some images