Programmed maintenance

Graflex S.r.l. provides maintenance services in technical fire doors and shutters, for industrial and civil installations.
Its aim is to see to providing routine and extraordinary maintenance services, supplying spare parts, and offering assistance and consultancy for all those that use technical doors and shutters.
All of this is done to provide a general service that makes it possible to comply with Law 626 as regards industrial and civil doors and shutters, with particular reference to the Machinery Directive as regards motorised doors and shutters.
Particular care is taken over obligatory programmed maintenance for fire doors, fulfilling all the obligations imposed by current legislation.

We offer maintenance packages for all our Company’s doors and shutters (fire doors, industrial doors, automatic doors, automatic gates, etc.) and we provide free consultation to determine your door and shutter needs, to allow us to prepare a maintenance programme that is best suited to those needs.
Some of the products we maintain:

  • Industrial doors
  • Stackable doors
  • Automatic doors
  • Automatic booms
  • Fire doors
  • Emergency exits
  • Electro-hydraulic loading platforms
  • Quick rolling doors
  • Flexible PVC doors
  • Automated and manual shutters
  • Fire-fighting systems
  • Automated gates and entrances

The technical department at Graflex S.r.l. guarantees a quick response that, above all, is designed to resolve any type of problem faced, with technicians on duty 24 hours a day.

Maintenance and the Law
Maintenance is not a cost but a saving – in fact, it allows you to optimise safety, comply with legal obligations, and avoid risks or damage as well as the resulting fines. Investing in good quality maintenance is an investment that brings the highest return on investment. But maintenance is also a legal obligation – failure to have maintenance work done by specialist personnel that meet the legal requirements, gives rise to legal sanctions, and increases civil and penal responsibility in case of an accident.

Maintenance and Law 82 (ex DL 626/94 Art. 3.R)
This law establishes the need for regular maintenance of environments, equipment, machinery and plants, especially as regards safety devices, in accordance with the Manufacturer’s declarations – Decree of the President of the Republic n° 37 of 12.01.1998. Checks, inspections, and maintenance works must be recorded in a specific register by the person responsible for the task. This register must be updated regularly – Ministerial Decree of 10.03.1998 ART 4.

Checking and maintenance of Fire-fighting systems and equipment – Ministerial Decree of 10.03.1998 Ann. 6.3562735
Checking and maintenance of fire-prevention measures and escape routes. All fire doors must be checked regularly to ensure that they have not been damaged and that they close properly. Doors fitted with automatic closing devices must be checked periodically to ensure that these devices are working efficiently and that the doors close properly.